Self Love

Self Love, Inculcates The Habit Of Protecting Ourselves From Any Kind Of Disrespect, Negativity And Lower Vibration Patterns. While Embracing Our Imperfections, We Can Discover The Type Of Version On Which Can Be Proud Of. This Path Is Beautiful As, You Become Wealthier Enough To Enlighten Your Inner Self While Showering Happiness, Positivity & Good Health Among Masses.

I Am Glad, That Universe Has Given Me The Opportunity

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Hey! You Are Special Too...

I Am Glad, That Universe Has Given Me The Opportunity To Involve In The Type Of Work Which Will Make Me The Centre Of Respect, Not The Centre Of Attraction And I Will Be Able To Earn So Many Blessings Along With Enjoying Various Materialistic Benefits.

I Love To Spread The Spark In The Lives Of People;

By Sowing A Seed Of Self Love In Their Heart.
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How Journey Started-

A Girl, Who Was Overly Ambitious, Had The Dream Of Reaching At A Certain Designation So That She Can Live The Life Of Her Dreams. She Got The Job Of An HR Manager, She Was Earning Well.. Everyone Was Proud Of Her.. She Evolved Herself Personally And Professionally, Polished Her Leadership, Decision Making And Interpersonal Skills. She Came Across Different Types Of Personalities And People Of Different Age Groups, They Helped Her In Expanding Her Mindset. But, She Started Feeling Empty From Inside, She Was Not Feeling Satisfied And That Was Turning Point For Her.

Along With Taking The Advice From The Outside World, She Went Inside. She Focused On Self Discovery, She Connected With The Intuition And Higher Power And Acknowledged Her Real Passion, And Found That

78% of People Sacrifice Themselves...

And Lose Their True Identity, Forget Their Dreams; When They Enter Into Any Relationship. Also, For Their Family A Woman Not Only Sacrifices Her Time But Her Dreams, Career Or Her True Identity As Well.

That Realization Gave Her The Motivation. That Is Why I Am Here To Make Them Aware About Their True Identity And Power.

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